Zhe-chao Zhang (张哲超)
M. S. student

Department of Information and Electronic Engineering,
Zhejiang University,
Hangzhou 310027, China

E-mail: linghuzechao@tom.com

Zhe-chao Zhang was born in Hangzhou, China on November, 1984. He received his B. Eng. degree in electronic information science and technology from Sun-Yat Sen University (Zhongshan University), Guangzhou, China, in 2007. Currently, he is working towards his M.S. degree at Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, China. His research interests include image processing and color imaging.



  1. H. L. Shen, Z. C. Zhang, and J. H. Xin, "Sequential selection of representative color samples for spectral reflectance reconstruction", Spectroscopy and Spectral Analysis, 29(4), 1050-1055, 2009. (in Chinese)
  2. H. L. Shen, H. J. Wan, and Z. C. Zhang, Estimating reflectance from multispectral camera responses based on partial least-squares regression, Journal of Electronic Imaging, 19(2), article 020501, 2010.



  1. Proficient in the color science.
  2. Proficient in the Matlab, AutoCAD and VC++.
  3. Skillful in English and Cantonese.
  4. Familiar with the design, construction, and use of machinery or mechanical structures for imaging system.


Other interests:

  1. Financial knowledge and investments
  2. Outdoor sports like swimming
  3. Chinese traditional calligraphy
  4. Music