Hui-jiang Wan (万会江)
M. S. student

Department of Information and Electronic Engineering,
Zhejiang University,
Hangzhou 310027, China


Hui-jiang Wan was born in Guizhou Province, 1985. He received his BS degree from Zhejiang University in 2008. Now he is still studying in Zhejiang University to obtain his master degree. He is working on image processing and color imaging.



  1. H. L. Shen, H. J. Wan, and Z. C. Zhang, Estimating reflectance from multispectral camera responses based on partial least-squares regression, Journal of Electronic Imaging, 19(2), article 020501, 2010.



  1. Master the language of C, MATLAB, etc.
  2. Won the second prize of calculus competition in Zhejiang province in 2005 and 2006.


Other Interests:

  1. Swimming, basketball, gobang, cards, table tennis.