Xu-qi Guo (郭栩琪)
M. S. student

Department of Information and Electronic Engineering,
Zhejiang University,
Hangzhou 310027, China

E-mail: guox7@yahoo.cn

Xu-qi Guo came from Liaoning province Dalian city. She received her BS degree from Dalian University of Technology in 2008 with the major of Measurement and Control Technology. She is pursuing her master degree in Zhejiang University. Her research interests are texture image analysis, data processing, and subjective vision experiment.



  1. Master the language of C and MATLAB.
  2. Specialized in mechanical drawing.
  3. Familiar with SPSS in data analysis.


Other Interests:

  1. Foreign language studying, arts and humanities science.
  2. A variety of outdoor sports including swimming, climbing, etc.
  3. Communicating with the others from any other kind of fields.