Yue-Cheng (程岳)
Ph.D. student

Department of Information and Electronic Engineering,
Zhejiang University,
Hangzhou 310027, China

E-mail: chengyue198552@gmail.com

Yue Cheng received his BS degree from Zhejiang Univeresity in 2008. His research interests are image processing and computer vision. He participates in a 973 project and devotes himself to 3D reconstruction for binocular stereo and photometric stereo.



  1. Texture effect on color perception(National Natural Science Foundation of China)
  2. 3D reconstruction(National Basic Research Program of China)



  1. H. L. Shen and Yue. Cheng, "Calibrating light sources by using a planar mirror", Journal of Electronic Imaging , 20(1),013002 (Jan–Mar 2011).



  1. Proficient in computer vision
  2. Mastering C, C++, Matlab, and OpenCV
  3. Experience with development in embedded system and proficient in C51
  4. Familiar with digital & analog circuitry
  5. Familiar with network programming both in Windows and Linux system


Honors & Certificates:

  1. Electronic design championship: First Place
  2. Scholarship for innovation
  3. Won the basketball championship in our university
  4. Network administrator
  5. Scholarship for social work